The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to become a licensed mortgage loan originator.  You will have to complete pre-licensing education, of course, but the purpose that this education serves is to help you pass the applicable licensing exams.  Pre-licensing education falls critically short of teaching loan originators what they need to know in order to successfully originate mortgage loans.

Once you pass your exam, will you be prepared to hit the streets with only 20 hours of test preparation under your belt?  Would you know how to respond when your customer asks you why they have to bring $900 to the closing table after you’ve assured them that all of their costs are included in the loan?  Could you respond to them in a credible and intelligent manner?  Are you prepared to abide by all of the industry’s rules as well as state and federal regulations knowing that falling short could lead to civil or criminal sanctions against you and your company?  Prosecutions for compliance failures have become commonplace over the past few years and ignorance is no longer a plausible excuse.

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp is a three-to-four day seminar specifically created to fill the gaping holes left open by the 20-hour pre-licensing education.  Simply put, the Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will teach you everything that you need to know to launch your successful and compliant mortgage career.  Learn all that you need to master regarding:

• Mortgage Fundamentals
• Loan Originator Compliance
• Winning Customer Service Strategies
• Best Practices for Top Sales Production
• Best Practices for Winning Communication
• How to Take a Winning Mortgage Application
• Proven Marketing Techniques
• Pipeline Management

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will arm you with the tools that you need to be successful.  And don’t overlook all of that newly-realized confidence you’ll radiate in your role as a Mortgage Loan Originator.  This course will prepare you to hit the streets running!

You would never deep sea dive without scuba gear, right?  Of course not!  You need adequate training, ample preparation, and the right equipment for a safe and successful dive.  So why would you consider jumping into the ocean of mortgage origination without the appropriate training and equipment?  The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will equip you with everything that you need to become the successful Mortgage Loan Originator you’re destined to be.



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