Overview & Introduction

Mortgage Training

Imagine waking up one day appreciating a burning desire to practice law.  You have no previous legal experience aside from the burning desire to become an attorney.  You reach out to a local law firm to learn about what you need to do to become an attorney and the conversation occurs as follows.

“Great to hear it!” replies the law firm’s office manager.  “We just so happen to be actively recruiting new attorneys.”  You’re instructed to register for a 20-hour law training course taking place over the next three days, sit for the bar exam on day four, and, assuming you pass, they have a capital murder trial for you to litigate the very next day.

Absurd as this may sound, the mortgage industry still operates in just such a manner.  Despite intensified regulation rendering loan originators and their employers accountable for improprieties caused even through ignorance, many mortgage companies and banks still lack formalized mortgage training.  The dangerous “learn as you go” model is very much alive.

Instructing the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry’s (NMLS) approved 20-hour pre-licensing education course made one thing clearly apparent – the continued definitive need for adequate mortgage training.  Pre-licensing education essentially stuffs a month and a half worth of training into 20 short hours.  Take the time to address students’ questions and the mandatory curriculum cannot be completed.  Complete the mandatory curriculum and many students are left with unanswered questions.  Our experience has demonstrated how many of the students taking pre-licensing education are brand new to the mortgage industry, possess little knowledge of mortgage fundamentals, and are beginning their careers with companies providing no training aside from the NMLS-approved 20-hour course.

Recognizing this as a recipe for disaster, AxSellerated Development set its plan into motion to create a course that would teach new loan originators what they needed to know to launch themselves into a successful and compliant mortgage career.  This need paved the way to the Mortgage 101 Boot Camp.

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp arms new mortgage professionals with the necessary skills that they need in order to launch their successful careers.  From the fundamentals of loan origination to sales, customer service, and referral generating strategies, the Mortgage 101 Boot Camp instills the knowledge and professional confidence setting loan originator after loan originator apart from their competition.

You wouldn’t enter a courtroom to try a case without adequate knowledge and preparation, right?  So why would you want to dive into your mortgage career without the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful?  Can you really afford not to train?

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp - an easy-to-comprehend introduction to the mortgage industry for the new, recently-hired, and aspiring real estate professional.

Customer Service Training

Everybody claims to have exceptional customer service.  In fact, we hear that so frequently that those words have become transparent.  How many times have you heard a company pride itself on exceptional service only to present poorly-trained professional apologizers who make it quite clear that where they are is the last place where they want to be?  What it comes down to is that most customer service representatives are little more than professional apologizers and script readers.  When is the last time you encountered someone who impressed you as truly caring about and liking their job all-the-while genuinely concerned about you, the customer?  We will instill the skills and techniques to make your staff stand apart from your competition while teaching them how to create raving fans..

Sales Training

Most sales professionals are either comfortable traveling the pathway to mediocrity or simply don’t know how to do otherwise.  They try and they try but their actions prove ineffective at best.  AxSellerated Development can turn your benchwarmers into homerun hitters when we share what it takes to make your customers want to buy.

Communication Training & Motivation

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Even after implementing the most effective sales and customer service practices, without understanding the roles of communication and without the proper motivation, results can be mediocre.  Our communication trainers and professional motivators would love the opportunity to energize your staff to new levels.