Maintaining Motivation in Today’s Mortgage Market

It seems as if the moment that a mortgage provider adopts a new policy, implements a revised procedure, or issues an updated staff directive to comply with all of the ever-changing rules and regulations, everything changes once again. In this volatile climate of developing regulations, policies, and procedures, it’s easy to understand how front-line mortgage sales professionals can easily become disillusioned and discouraged.

Don’t worry because we have the answer! Maintaining Motivation in Today’s Mortgage Market is a three-hour seminar that will thoroughly energize and revitalize your front-line sales staff. Through the sharing of proven customer service, communication, personal, and professional motivational techniques, the mortgage originator will leave this seminar refreshed, ready, and eager to hit the streets with a renewed vigor.

Beginning with an identification and exploration of personal motivations and desired goals, this energy is then channeled into practical methods to realize and achieve those goals. Maintaining Motivation in Today’s Mortgage Market will assist the mortgage professional maintain and accelerate momentum despite having to navigate the challenges of constant regulatory developments and new requirements.

Maintaining Motivation in Today’s Mortgage Market embodies:

√   The identification of personal and professional goals
√   Motivational channeling
√   Winning communication strategies
√   How to effectively prepare a customer for their application
√   Best practices for exceptional customer service
√   How to originate like an underwriter
√   Exciting and proven ways to develop one’s book of business through warm and cold
     marketing strategies
√   General business development
√   The development of professional confidence

Each participant will exit the seminar recharged and equipped with a renewed zest for mortgage origination while armed with numerous practical and proven techniques through which they will accelerate their productivity. Maintaining Motivation in Today’s Mortgage Market is the perfect enhancement to every mortgage sales professional’s career.