How to Take a Winning Mortgage Application

Every masterpiece begins as a blank slate.  Every painting with which Picasso graced mankind began as an empty canvas.  Do you know the number one complaint of underwriters?  Would you care to guess the primary reason why mortgage transactions develop problems and fall apart?  If you guessed due to incomplete or poorly-completed applications, you’re absolutely right!

Loan originators must define the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) as the canvas upon which their masterpiece is created.  A weak, incomplete, or sloppy application can easily undermine the entire transaction.  And transactions that fail will seriously damage a loan originator’s professional reputation.

Even if the loan ultimately closes, imagine the amount of time that is wasted by putting out fires.  Wasted time that could have been avoided altogether had the loan originator simply completed the application effectively.  Wasted time that could have been spent originating new business.

How to Take a Winning Loan Application will teach loan originators how to appropriately prepare their customers for application, accurately complete the URLA, and create customer experiences that flow smoothly to the closing table.  Now just imagine all of the referrals!

If you want loans that fly through production, close fast, are void of unnecessary complications, free your time to originate more business, and cause underwriters to fight over your files, let AxSellerated Development teach you how to take a winning loan application.