Customer Service Coaching

If you had to, what would you guess that customers complain about the most?  If you said, “unreturned phone calls” you’re well on your way to understanding quality customer service.  If you didn’t know the answer, you’re in need of customer service coaching.

Everybody professes that they offer quality customer service.  The sad and simple truth, however, is that most honestly don’t.  Most companies are completely ignorant as to what constitutes stellar customer service.  And most customer services representatives are nothing more than professional apologizers.  Yes, most companies fail miserably in this area.  Why?  Because they’re truly unfamiliar with what quality customer service truly means and how to deliver it. 

Do you know why having a satisfied customer is far worse than having a dissatisfied customer?  And no, this wasn't a typo!  What do you think is more effective … treating a customer through utilizing the Golden Rule or the Platinum Rule?  Do you know how to incorporate empathy into your customer interactions?  We’ll be happy to teach you!

With the bar as low as it currently is, now is the opportune time to hone your customer service skills and create loyal customers for life.  Let AxSellerated Development show you how.