Cultivating Successful Referral Relationships

Do Realtors run out of the room when they see your car pull up?  Do CPA’s hide under their desks when you walk into their office?  Are you pulling your hair out thinking of ways to cultivate productive referral sources?  Well now you can give your hair a break while we teach you how to turn “I don’t have anyone to refer to you.” into “I have a client who needs your help.”

No professional enjoys being badgered for business.  AxSellerated Development will show you how to make referral sources want to send business your way.  By teaching you how to formulate relationships with your referral sources, you and these individuals will ultimately build business together.  We will teach you how to organize joint marketing endeavors, assist with open houses, network, circulate, and become a source of value to the people from whom you seek those precious referrals.

We’ll help you to uncover non-traditional referral sources to supplement your database of traditional sources of business.  We’ll show you how to create a sense of urgency in these individuals to refer. 

While your competition causes stampedes in realty offices by showing up to ask for loans, we will teach you what you need to know to be welcomed in with open arms.