About AxSellerated Development

About AxSellerated Development

No two individuals and no two companies are the same. Each presents with its own set of goals, expectations, and needs.  AxSellerated Development prides itself on personalized service catered to yours.

Created from a genuine and sincere desire to help people achieve their goals, AxSellerated Development realizes how absolutely critical it is to constantly maintain quality and integrity.  Whether the task at hand is helping someone get out of their own way in order to achieve their goals and dreams, training, customer service, sales coaching, or the awakening of personal motivation, we’re not finished until you’re on your way to successfully identifying and attaining your desired goals.  Our staff personally cares about your situation; you are far more than just a job.  Money?  That naturally falls into place.  We sincerely want to help.  We care.  That’s both our mission and philosophy.  It’s a karma thing.  At AxSellerated Development, we genuinely care about you and getting you to where you’re meant to be.



Rich Leffler is AxSellerated Development, LLC’s President, Director of Training, and Senior Instructor. In addition to being a charismatic, captivating, and sought-after speaker, Rich is responsible for creating, coordinating, and executing the training curriculums AxSellerated Development offers to help people imagine, visualize, actualize, and manifest their true calling and purpose while learning how to get out of their own way through freeing up the pathway to realizing their dreams.  Additionally, Rich thrives on affording new mortgage loan originators and those considering a career in mortgage lending with the fundamental skills to originate successfully and compliantly. Rich enjoys assisting all mortgage professionals increase their productivity and maximize professional confidence through compliance, sales, customer service, referral generation, and pipeline management coaching.

Prior to becoming a top mortgage producer with M&T and Wachovia Mortgage Corporations, Rich’s 21-year mortgage industry tenure began with Mortgage Customer Service and Research, eventually leading him to Mortgage Origination in which he quickly demonstrated a natural ability to thoroughly serve his customers. In 2006, he began creating and instructing real estate courses, eventually instructing NMLS pre-licensing and continuing education in addition to general mortgage training. Rich is a contributing author to the Scotsman Guide, a national mortgage origination trade publication, and a previous instructor and subject matter expert (SME) for Fannie Mae and Ellie Mae (f/k/a AllRegs).

Rich is an alumnus of the State University of New York at Buffalo having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication along with a Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising. He currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina.